Fuck chat zone

Except that she does it at times when it's impossible for them to do anything.Then, when they do have the chance to do it, she pushes him away with excuses about why she can't make love.That problem is an almost complete lack of sex, because his wife isn't interested in it.

I mean, the times that she did give him sex, were when she felt their marriage was at risk.However, he's reluctant to do it, because he isn't into prostitutes, or one night stands.He's more into the girlfriend or mistress type thing, something with actual feelings between them.For example, whenever they had a really big fight, usually about sex, and didn't talk for a few days.Or when he'd stop paying attention to her completely, when she'd gone a couple of months without giving him sex.One such misunderstanding is why I call him my "brother " and why he calls me his "sister ".


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